Norduyn Inc. (“Norduyn”) of Montreal, Canada, has developed a portfolio of patents relating to cargo transport and, in particular, to a cargo pallet and to a collapsible container.  At this point in time, Norduyn has decided to divest these patents.


The portfolio includes two (2) issued U.S. patents and one (1) issued Canadian patent, as set forth below.

Remarkably, U.S. patent 9,340,319 simply covers a cargo pallet that comprises a composite floor portion including a core fused with layers of composite material respectively on opposed sides; and an extruded aluminum frame circumventing the floor portion and having extending tabs.  Broad patent protection is thus provided by the '319 Patent.

United States Patent 8,960,468 covers a collapsible container having a floor, walls, ceiling, and door.  Posts interconnect the floor and ceiling and support the ceiling in a collapsed configuration and in an expanded configuration.  Each post includes an upper portion adapted to be secured to a lower portion with a longitudinally-pulling securing element.  When in the expanded configuration, the upper portions include lifting anchors that extend through the ceiling, by which the container is adapted to be suspended. The '468 patent also covers a method of assembling such a container.

The Canadian patent also covers the collapsible container.

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