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The "GroupCompute Virtual Desktop" portfolio covers paradigm shifting technology having the potential of disrupting conventional markets for web conferencing, remote access and control, and other online collaborative solutions.


In a nutshell, a virtual desktop environment (aka the "GroupCompute Space") is provided for web conferencing, remote access and control, and much more. Applications and files can be added to the GroupCompute Space using any device, from anywhere, at anytime. The added files and applications then can be accessed and viewed using any device, from anywhere, at anytime. The GroupCompute Space can be used by a single person in lieu of conventional remote access solutions, and by multiple persons at the same time in lieu of conventional web conferencing and other collaborative solutions. A unique use scenario is the one-time configuration of a single email client in the GroupCompute Space for use on all of the devices of a user from anywhere.

Please email if you are interested in purchasing this portfolio. All discussions will be handled with discretion, and each offer will be considered as it is received.





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