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While a senior in high school, Evan Dorsel recognized the need for a flash drive that would facilitate a friend borrowing the flash drive without Evan worrying about any residual file that might remain on the flash drive, especially at times when a computer was unavailable to wipe the flash drive before lending it out. Evan’s idea was to have a physical switch on the flash drive that could be flicked in order to obfuscate or hide any residual file until returned to its initial state.


Evan discussed his idea with his engineering teacher, who asked Chad Tillman at the law firm of Tillman Wright to speak with Evan about whether his idea might be patentable.  Mr. Tillman saw great potential in Evan’s idea. Since then, Evan and Mr. Tillman—through IPXCL—entered into a business agreement, and together they have extrapolated and built upon Evan’s original idea resulting in the “Dorsel” flash drive.


The “Dorsel” flash drive is a portable memory device in the form factor of a conventional flash drive that actually contains mutually exclusive flash drives. Access to one of the mutually exclusive flash drives is achieved by setting one or more switches in a particular configuration. The switches preferably are physical switches that may be set by hand without resorting to a computer. It is like having an owner’s closet in a rental house for use by the owner when the house is not rented. Any residual files on the Dorsel flash drive remain accessible for use by the owner but physically inaccessible to those borrowing the Dorsel flash drive.


Now attending Washington University in St. Louis, Evan continues to work toward a prototype. In parallel, IPXCL is pursuing patent protection while seeking an early stage commercialization of the portfolio. With nearly 28,000 words, 60 figures, and 227 claims, the foundational patent filing is substantial and robust, covering a vast number of embodiments of the Dorsel flash drive. The portfolio holds tremendous potential value and represents an excellent opportunity for acquisition at the ground level.

Please email if you are interested in purchasing this portfolio. All discussions will be handled with discretion, and each offer will be considered as it is received.



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