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The 2023 Audet Patent Portfolio Offering comprises 10 U.S. patents plus a pending continuation. The patents in the offering relate to GUI functionality for presenting photos and videos using linear and nonlinear timescales.


By way of background, the inventor—Mathieu Audet—is a Canadian and U.S. patent agent and a prolific inventor. Apple Inc. is familiar with Mr. Audet.  A first patent portfolio relating to display axes and crafted by Mr. Audet was acquired by Apple in 2012. A second, related portfolio was offered for sale in late 2019 and the beginning months of 2020 prior to the pandemic and global shutdown.  


As a result of the global shutdown, Mr. Audet decided to stop actively marketing the second patent portfolio and to pursue additional patent protection that he envisioned could be obtained from the second patent portfolio, and to thereafter offer for sale the resulting patents of those efforts, if successful. Consequently, Mr. Audet filed many continuations from the second portfolio during the global shutdown.


Mr. Audet’s strategy proved successful and six patents have now been granted post pandemic.  Each of these six patents claims priority back to a first nonprovisional filed May 22, 2008, and to a first provisional filed August 22, 2007.  With this success, Mr. Audet is ready to reengage post pandemic and has asked IPXCL to broker a sale of the 2023 Audet Patent Portfolio Offering, including the six recent patents.  

There is no formal submission deadline and offers will be considered when received.  IPXCL may provide a request for highest and best offer from each party expressing interest before accepting an offer, but there is no obligation to do so. Please email to express interest and learn more about the offering.





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