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(second generation)

The Audet Axis-Based User Interface patent portfolio covers aspects and features of user interfaces utilizing axes. This is the second-generation portfolio. With an earliest priority dating back to March 29, 2006, the second-generation portfolio comprises 29 U.S. patents, 28 pending U.S. patent applications, 6 Canadian patents, and 11 pending CA applications.

The original Audet Axis-Based User Interface patent portfolio has an earliest priority of October 15, 2001, and included six US patents, seven then-pending US patent applications, and one CA patent. This original Audet patent portfolio was purchased by Apple, Inc. in 2012. Click to inspect the publicly recorded assignment to Apple.

The second-generation portfolio was under development at that time and was excluded from the sale to Apple. Building on the original portfolio, the second-generation portfolio covers many improvements and enhancements to axis-based user interfaces and associated functions for presenting and ordering elements along the axes. Specifically, the second-generation portfolio relates to:

  • Time-based chronological ordering and sequencing used by axes (“Timelines”);

  • Time distribution of the chronological ordering including linear and non-linear timescales about which the elements are displayed along the axes (“Timescales”);

  • Highlights and links established between elements displayed on the axes and commonalities established among a plurality of axes for increased graphical meaning (“Mapping”);

  • Search features within an axes-based interface (“Search”);

  • Navigation along and between axes (“Navigation”);

  • Methodologies for ordering and retrieving content among axes (“Browsing”);

  • Use of axes in workflow context using listings and series of steps (“Workflow”);

  • Axes management and structure (“Management”); and

  • Graphical integrity of content presentation when zooming axes (“Zooming”).

According to Mathieu Audet, the inventor: “With the recent release of Catalina and iOS 13, the time has come to commercialize the second-generation portfolio. When I sold the first-generation patents to Apple, I pursued these others anticipating that one day these too would become highly relevant in the marketplace.


Mr. Audet lives in Quebec and is a pioneer in axis-based user interfaces. Both a Canadian and U.S. patent agent, Mr. Audet began applying for patents in 2001 and established Maya-Systems Inc. in 2002 for developing software branded “iamorganized” utilizing axis-based interfaces (see www.iamorganized.com). In 2012, Maya-Systems sold the first-generation portfolio to Apple. Certain patent properties were excluded from the sale, which were developed into the second-generation portfolio by 9224-5489 Quebec, Inc., another one of Mr. Audet’s companies.


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